Solids are conveyed between two points of an installation mechanically with either horizontal, vertical or oblique, according to the product to be conveyed and the layout of the installation.


It is a device adapted for the extraction, dosing, and transportation of products in pellets or powder by means of a spiral inserted in a U-shaped box. This box is closed by a lid that allows a quick inspection and the necessary maintenance actions to its proper functioning.
It has the possibility of being installed up to an inclination of 30º.
An electronic device installed in the discharge nozzle indicates any possible jam.
An electric gear motor with a chain transmission system drives the spiral inside the box.
The dimensioning of the drive system is carried out according to the dimensions of the thread, which is calculated according to the product flow rate.


Solid material conveyor widely used as a means of lifting the product along an inclined slope to reach the desired vertical position.
The speed that the propeller can reach is markedly superior to those used in horizontal threads.
It can be designed with direct coupling with a non-endless Gearmotor, especially when used as a doser in weighing systems with speed control obtained through a frequency inverter.