Blending equipment

Mixer cone

The epicyclic mixing cone consists of a tank or silo with vertical spindle installed inside the silo that rotates on its own axis offering a circular movement that removes the product, mechanically, from the bottom of the silo to the top.
It is a system that manages to achieve a homogeneous mixture between the preconceived proportions of the different products, indicated for capacities between 1 and 20 m3.
The homogenization cycle usually is about 70 minutes.
It is a precision mixing equipment that is capable of dispersing minority components in very acceptable proportions in any application that requires a precision of the final result of the mixture.

Internal spindle

The silos with internal spindle are a system for the mechanical mixing of solid products.
By means of a vertical spindle installed in a tube inside the silo, the product is removed by pushing it from the bottom to the top in a continuous manner until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
It is necessary to take into account the type of product to be homogenized according to its physical properties with the reason that they can not be altered by the action of a mechanical force. 
This type of silos is indicated for capacities between 2-30 m3.
The homogenization time is usually in 60 minutes.
This system is not a mixing system to make a “recipe” with a perfect mix in its proportions and exact repeatability in the homogenization result.

techflow blender

The mixing base of the Techflow Blender consists of the accumulation by layers of different products in a silo. When downloading the content, the product flows inside the silo at different speeds depending on the area or height at which it is stored.
Taking into account the discharge behavior of the products by layers, a mixture is caused that will be conducted to the equipment’s inlet by an external duct that conveys it by pneumatic transport.
At this point, one cycle is completed. You must perform in such cycles as the characteristics of the different products requires until you obtain the desired degree of homogenization.
It is very suitable for plastics recycling in order to obtain a product homogenization obtained at a specific time.
It is not a recommended system to obtain a perfect mix or recipe if a dosage system is not installed mixer upstream.
We design, produce, build and commission the equipment according to the needs of each project.

Philips system

The operation of the silo type “PHILIPS” is based on the recirculation of the product by an external pneumatic transport line, as in the case of the Techflow Blender, to which is added a system of interior pipes that distribute the product evenly when completing one or several cycles.
At the beginning of the cycle, the product is stored in layers inside a silo.
At the beginning of the cycle, the product is stored in layers inside a silo.
Inside the silo, there is a system of pipes in its interior of sufficient height to cross all the layers of different products.
At the time of discharge, the product flows through these pipes where the different layers are mixed (see image).
At discharge moment, the product flows through this piping system dosing product of each stored layer to an individual pipe that will convey the blend to the silo’s inlet to complete a cycle.
The recirculation pipe is external and operative by pneumatic conveying.
The cycle can be repeated until the desired degree of homogenization is obtained.
This type of silos can store greater capacities than the previously described of the internal spindle.
As the Techflow Blender, it is not a mixing system capable itself to make a “recipe” with a perfect mixture in its proportions and exact repetitiveness in the homogenization if a dosing equipment it is not install upstream.
It is used to be installed at extruder’s downstream.